DocBox is developing an innovative clinical process management solution for hospitals that promises to help clinicians eliminate medical mistakes, improve clinical work flow and processes, and free up much of the time spent on administrative duties so that they, and particularly nurses, can focus on providing care.

Health Care is the combination of many systems including people, information systems, medical devices and most importantly the patient. Designing any part of a system without an understanding of how it will be used within the system will cause unintended consequences. Designing safety into the system is key to preventing adverse events and can be done by analyzing processes and work flow and designing in interlocks where mistakes could occur.

DocBox is exploring the integration of innovative technology with medical devices. One of DocBox's primary goals is to save the valuable time of the most important asset in health care, the clinical staff.  By working towards eliminating manual documentation of many standardized health care processes, clinical staff can spend less time transcribing data and more time taking care of patients.

DocBox solves these problems by addressing the following areas:

Medical Device Integration and Management
  • Simplified device connectivity
  • Point of care consolidation of device alarms, health and status
  • Process control & workflow automation
  • Bedside availability and guidance of point of care processes
  • e.g  infusion management administrative documentation, prompts for values, pulls needed values from devices, cross references pump values with the data in the information system for orders
Decision Support & Enabling Evidence Based Medicine
  • Availability of IS and device data at the bedside
  • e.g. patient at risk for respiratory depression (IS), patient in Early Warning System Decline (decision support), page Rapid Response Team, pause infusion (evidence)
Safety Interlocks & Smart Alarms
  • Data from multiple sources making decisions and alarms
  • e.g. infusion pump paused when Respiratory Rate and Cardiac Output display changes from baseline data